Container Architecture

We see a potential in the use of the container as elemental units for refurbished homes or new construction.  In our designs the standard container would be dissected, articulated, added onto, and otherwise modified depending on the needs of the client.  With additional off-the shelf ramps, photovoltaic panels, HVAC systems, furniture, porches, wind turbins, elevators and structural elements, the architecture is part readymade equipment, part composition, and a novel approach construction. 

As architects of sustainable systems, it is calculated that there is a huge number of these shipping containers sitting idle in port areas.  The use of containers presents a series of advantages, not only in terms of saving time and reducing waste generated by conventional construction, but also for the structure, which is stronger than a standard framework of wood or steel.  Steel containers can resist earthquakes, fire, damp, and termites.  Re-using containers also represents a reduction in the exploitation of iron reserves.  

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