Sump Coffee

One of our recently completed projects has now opened for business as Sump Coffee.  In case you haven't already heard the buzz about it, we're adding another voice to let you know that this is an owner who is passionate and knowledgeable about coffee.

Business owners express their unique knowledge in their area of expertise.  SUMP is no different. In fifteen or twenty minutes you can learn about roasting, sourcing, pairing, and brewing coffee.   A regular latte that you can get at any coffee shop is delicious in a totally new way.  The presentation of the cup is artful. 

Just learning about the complexities of the bean and the processes enhance the enjoyment of the drink.  There seem to be infinite permutations on something as simple as coffee.  Check it out!

3700 S. Jefferson at Winnebago Street, St. Louis, MO  63118

AD:ARCH Project:
Developed in South City St.Louis, this mixed use project consisted of residential units on
the second level and a one of a kind coffee house on the main level. Keeping with the
historic characteristics of the space, the existing brick exterior walls were left exposed and
the exterior was renovated to bring it back to it’s original state. The concept was to design a space that was unique and original much like the coffee served.

Link to St. Louis Post-Dispatch article: